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As a major European ETF provider, Amundi ETF stands out for its leading principles around: competitive pricing1, client driven innovation and quality of replication.

Amundi ETF, A major European player in the ETF market

€ 55 Bn

Asset under management²

Top 5

In continental Europe³



The business of Amundi, the leading european asset manager*

Amundi ETF philosophy toward quality & efficiency



Cost is a determining factor in any investment decision and especially for ETFs. For this reason, Amundi ETF is committed to offer investors an attractive cost structure, positioning the average TERs of the whole range cheaper than European competitors1.
The dedicated capital market team also works very closely with large number of market makers to ensure tight bid/offer spreads and competitive creation and redemption fees.
Transaction costs and commissions occur  when trading ETFs.



At Amundi ETF, we believe in a pragmatic approach of innovation, in which client discussions are valued, to better meet their asset allocation needs. 
In addition to extensive research capabilities, close relationship with index providers help to define clear index methodologies and launch efficient and transparent products.
The outcome is that more than a third of the range was unprecedented at launch date, while maintaining a focus on simplicity and liquidity.


Proximity & added value

Our dedicated sales people, experts in their field, are here to offer investors products suiting their choices for strategic allocation while taking local needs into consideration. 
Our capital market desk is focused on bringing value to clients from the monitoring of liquidity to the final trade. 


Why invest in ETFs

An extensive international presence

Research and publications

EDHEC-Risk research chair

As a pioneer in sustainable investing, Amundi is delighted to see growing interest from investors in ESG solutions. It is also encouraging to see that use of ETFs to implement these strategies is continues to rise with 55% of respondents using ESG ETFs. Investors are keen to see further sustainable investment product development in with 50% of respondents looking ESG and low-carbon ETF innovation. With respondents reporting a range of objectives for their ESG allocations, from a positive impact on society (65%), to reducing long-term risk (58%) and improving performance (25%) it is clear that there is no one-size-fits-all in sustainable investing. The survey also showed that despite the maturity of the ETF industry respondents (54%) are still looking to increase their use of ETFs in their portfolios. And their key priority in selecting an ETF is the price (91%) and the quality of replication (86%).The EDHEC European ETF, Smart Beta and Factor Investing Survey is conducted each year as part of the Amundi research chair at EDHEC-Risk Institute on “ETF, Indexing and Smart Beta Investment Strategies”.

Latest Edhec ETF Survey


Amundi Research Center

Access to Amundi’s independent research platform. Covering the main aspects of investment research, our in-house experts seek to anticipate and innovate to the benefit of both investment teams and clients alike.

Discover the Research Center


ETF Allocation ideas

Every  month, Amundi ETF presents the new Cross Asset Investment Strategy publication issued by Amundi Research team and selects 3 strong convictions from it and highlights relevant exposures for investors’ asset allocation.

Strong international recognition

Financial News


  • 2021 - ETF Provider 
  • 2021 - ESG ETF Issuer

Funds Europe Awards


  • 2019 - European ETF Provider of the year

ETF Express Awards


2018 - Best Fixed Iconme (all exclusing cash) ETF Management Firm 

2018 - Best Emerging Markets Equity ETF Management Firm

European Pensions Awards


  • 2019 - Factor Investing Offering of the year
  • 2018 - ETF Provider of the year

Global Investor Awards


  • 2018 - ETF/Passive manager of the Year



  • Hypergrowth award ESG ETFs
    • Amundi Index MSCI Europe SRI - UCITS ETF
  • Most efficient tracking award emerging equity ETFs
    • Amundi MSCI Eastern Europe Ex Russia UCITS ETF

2019 :

  • Best tracking difference - Emerging Market Equities 
  • Best tracking error - Emerging Market Equities
  • Best tracking error - Developed Market Large Cap Equities
    • AMUNDI ETF S&P 500 UCITS ETF (C) – EUR - (3rd)

2018 :

  • Amundi ETF iSTOXX Europe Multi-Factor Market Neutral UCITS ETF - "Innovation" Awards Equities market
  •  AMUNDI ETF MSCI EASTERN EUROPE EX RUSSIA UCITS ETF - Emerging Market Equities Awards " Best Tracking Error"
  • AMUNDI ETF MSCI EUROPE MIN VOLATILITY UCITS ETF - Developed Market Large Cap Equities "Best tracking error"
  •  Amundi ETF MSCI Emerging Markets UCITS ETF -EUR  dans la catégorie "Actions ETF"
  • Amundi ETF Floating Rate USD Corporate UCITS ETF  dans la catégorie "Obligations ETF"
  • Amundi ETF FTSE Italia PIR UCITS ETF DR  dans la catégorie "ETF de moins d'un an"
  • Amundi ETF iSTOXX Europe Multi-Factor Market Neutral UCITS ETF - "Actif de Bronze de l'Innovation" Awards Equities market

1. Calculated by Amundi using data as of 29/05/2020 from source: The average asset-weighted Total Expense Ratios (TERs) of all Amundi ETF Funds: 0.20%, against global average TERs of other European ETFs (incl. the Funds): 0.24% as per Important: some individual Funds may not be cheaper than their European peers or may not have an equivalent European peer group to compare with and vice versa. The TER corresponds to the ongoing charges disclosed in the KIID. Analysis excluding third party commissions/costs incurred directly by investors when trading.
2. Source : Amundi ETF, as at end of December 2019 - Excluding joint venture figures

3. Source: ETF GI at end December 2019.

* Amundi is the European largest asset manager by assets under management. Source IPE “Top 400 asset managers” published in June 2019 and based on AUM as of end December 2018.