Amundi Complaints Policy

1. Introduction

Amundi UK Limited conducts its business in line with its client’s best interests.

Although Amundi UK Limited is committed to, providing high value services to its clients, we accept that we may not always get it right the first time.

It is important that every complaint we receive as a firm is acknowledged at the first instance and responded to in an appropriate manner. Not only is this required for us to comply with our regulatory obligations but also to ensure we maintain integrity at Amundi. This will allow us to llearn from our client’s perspective. Your feedback creates the opportunity to improve the service we offer to clients.

2. Purpose

This complaints policy and procedures details how Amundi UK Limited deal with complaints from Retail Investors and Professional investors (please note, as a Professional Investor you may not have access to the Financial Ombudsman Service). The firm is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and as such, will act in accordance to the complaints rules as defined in the FCA handbook, subject to meeting the FCA definition of eligible complainant.

3. Responsibilities 

The Compliance Function are responsible for analysing complaints and identifying any trends/risks that may address potential client harm.

4. Process

How to make a complaint:
We want to give you a great service, but if you are dissatisfied in any way, please get in touch using the contact details below. 

Please provide us with:​​​​​​​

•    Your personal details - name, address, telephone numbers and date of birth
•    Product and Investment details
•    Details of your complaint

We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 5 working days and communicate next steps. We endeavour to resolve your complaint as soon as possible. However, if the issue is more complex and requires further investigation, it may take up to 8 weeks to give you a final response.

*Please note: Amundi (UK) Limited DO NOT deal directly with retail investors. However, if you are a retail investor and you wish to complain about an Amundi Group product, you can use the contact details above and your complaint will be forwarded onto the relevant entity for investigation.

How to get in touch:
You can contact us by post or by email.

Contact name: Christine Moran, Chief Compliance Officer 

Address: Amundi (UK) Limited
                77 Coleman Street
                EC2R 5BJ
                United Kingdom