Amundi ETF doubles its net new assets in 2019

Wednesday 29 January 2020



Amundi ETF has surpassed the €50bn threshold in 2019 and closes the year with €55bn assets under management1.

Amid the fast-paced growth of the European ETF market over the last three years, Amundi ETF exceeded the market’s growth rate during the period, and achieved the highest growth rate among the top-5 European ETF providers2
Net new assets of €8bn more than doubled the amount collected in the previous year1. These strong inflows allowed Amundi to maintain its position among the top providers in the European ETF market, ranking 4th by net new assets2 in 2019 and strengthening its market share in terms of assets under management. 

In a market context characterised by changing dynamics, flows to Amundi’s ETF range were well-diversified to multiple asset classes. Amundi’s ETF offering thus demonstrated to be particularly adapted to answer both investor’s strategic/long term asset allocation challenges as well as more tactical ones.

A key factor in Amundi’s 2019 success was its ability to address the various needs of its clients, from institutional to fund managers, as well as the growing demand for ETF-based solutions for distributors. In terms of geographic coverage, the platform continued to accelerate its footprint in Europe as well as in Asia and Latin America where Amundi UCITS ETF franchise is meeting a growing demand from investors.

In a highly dynamic market environment, these strong results demonstrate investors’ continued confidence in Amundi ETF and confirm our position as a leading ETF provider. We are committed in the long term to offer wide-ranging, cost competitive and innovative ETFs to our clients, be they institutional or distributors.

Fannie Wurtz, Head of Amundi ETF, Indexing and Smart Beta


Innovation and cost-efficiency at the core of product development:

With innovation and cost-competitiveness in its DNA, Amundi further expanded its ETF range in 2019, to address different market conditions, asset classes, sectors and themes.
Within the most successful launches:

  • Amundi Prime ETFs: Europe’s cheapest core ETF range3 offering both equity and fixed income exposures. The range surpassed €1bn AUM4 , demonstrating its effectiveness in answering investors’ demand for low-cost, simple and transparent investment tools.
  • SRI and Low Carbon ETFs: Amundi continued to expand its SRI and Low Carbon ETF range, which now includes seven equity and fixed income ETFs tracking MSCI SRI and Bloomberg Barclays indices and a Low Carbon ETF. Those ETFs attracted over €1.2bn net new assets1 in 2019, representing 15% of inflows over the year.



1 Source: Amundi ETF as of end 2019 - Excluding joint venture figures.
2 Source: ETFGI preliminary Global ETF and ETP industry insights, December 2019. 
3 Source: Amundi: Comparison based on the ongoing charges (OGC) of equivalent “core” ETF ranges available in Europe. Data from Bloomberg as of 31/12/2019. Important: some individual Funds may not be cheaper than their European peers or may not have an equivalent to compare with and vice versa. Analysis excluding third party commissions/costs incurred directly by investors when trading.
4 Source: Amundi ETF as of 15/01/2020.