Switch into a physical replication for 1 ETF

Thursday 20 May 2021


In order to reflect how its customers' demands have changed, Amundi Asset Management has decided to change the Fund's  AMUNDI ETF GOVT BOND EUROMTS BROAD INVESTMENT GRADE 10- 15 UCITS ETF (FR0010754143) management method, taking effect from 24 June 2021.

Starting from that date, the Fund will be managed using the physical replication method, which involves investing in the financial securities that make up the benchmark index, while the Fund is managed using the synthetic replication method up to that date. This change does not affect the Fund's investment objective or fees.

When this change takes effect, the name of the Fund will also be changed to "AMUNDI ETF GOVT BOND EUROMTS BROAD INVESTMENT GRADE 10-15 UCITS ETF DR".

Please take a look at the enclosed letter.