Investing in ‘Smart Cities’


Huge technological advances are making tomorrow’s cities smarter

Rural to urban migration is occurring on a massive scale. As a result, cities of the future will need to be smarter – more connected – more efficient. Investing in the technological advances that will drive that connectivity could be a new source of long-term returns for investors.


What is a ‘Smart City’?

Tomorrow’s cities are embracing new digital and social infrastructure to improve the quality of life for their growing populations, and reduce their environmental impact. A Smart city is one that has technology embedded across all city functions that fuel long term economic development.   

Amundi Smart City UCITS ETF

An efficient, low-cost, global equity fund that provides exposure to the economic momentum of accelerating urbanisation, beyond the conventional one-dimensional focus on tech stocks.         




core ‘Smart’ sub-themes



global stocks1



for a cost-competitive access



Product information

Key Features

Captures the Smart City opportunity through 6 key investment themes

  • Public Infrastructure
  • Smart Homes
  • Healthcare
  • E-Commerce
  • Technology
  • Entertainment



Based on global equity index created in partnership with Solactive, a pioneering index provider



Includes holdings from both developed and emerging markets, mid and large­cap stocks



Excludes companies involved with controversial weapon manufacture.




Key risks


  • Risk of the loss of invested capital. Investors may not get back the original amount invested and may lose all of their investment.
  • Risk associated with the markets to which the ETF is exposed. The price and value of investments are linked to the liquidity risk of the components.
  • Investments can go up as well as down.
  • Risk associated with the volatility of the securities/currencies composing the underlying index.
  • The fund investment objective may only be partially reached.

1. Source: Solactive as of September 2019
2. Ongoing charges - annual, all taxes included. The ongoing charges represent the charges taken from the fund over a year. Until the fund has closed its accounts for the first time, the ongoing charges are estimated. Transaction cost and commissions may occur when trading ETFs.